EH09 Rammer – Features & Benefits

Designed specifically for the balanced performance needed in rammers, these engines feature overhead valve upright cylinder technology to provide continuous rated power. They’re engineered to withstand the vibration of the compactive force as well as the dirt and dust common in rammer applications. While they are lightweight and easy to start, we build them for high power, high stress tolerance and high performance. In addition to rammers, they also can power Subaru portable generators.

Subaru Rammer Engine Cast-Iron Cylinder Liner
rammer engine cast-iron cylinder liner

A heavy-duty casting with cross bracing, reinforced casting parts and an aluminum alloy block with cast iron cylinder liners provide exceptional durability and extend engine life.

The breather system separates the oil in the crankcase from air that is passing through, resulting in better performance, lower oil consumption and reduced emissions.

Subaru Rammer Engine Block

The vertical cylinder design maintains the center of gravity to efficiently transmit power to the ground and deliver performance that’s second to none.

An electronic ignition with automatic timing adjustment and an automatic decompression system reduce the pulling force needed to ensure first-pull starts.

The dual ball bearing crankshaft support with the rammer-specific design provides reliable performance in demanding applications.

Splash-type lubrication keeps the engine well oiled.