EX Series – Features & Benefits

Subaru EX Series engines are easy to install and offer maximum efficiency, high performance and impressive power with minimal noise and low emissions. With 10 models ranging from 4.3 to 14 horsepower, including a specially tailored all-season engine, EX Series engines are ideal for use in soil compactors, pressure washers, generators, water pumps, air compressors, log splitters, lawn and turf seeders and chippers/shredders. In the recreational arena, EX industrial engines are in go-karts, and homeowners will find Subaru powering tillers, edgers, reel mowers, snow throwers and blowers/vacuums.


subaru-engines-combustion-chamber Pent-roof combustion chamber enables optimal intake and exhaust valve placement for maximum engine performance and efficiency.


subaru-engines-cast-iron-cylinder-liner Heavy-duty piston rings, a cast iron cylinder liner and a case-hardened-steel timing chain resist wear and ensure precise timing for long engine life. The all-season model produces 35 percent less vibration than competitive models, which extends the life of the equipment it powers and enhances operator comfort.


subaru-engines-cooling-fins The overhead cam design maximizes cooling area and improves cooling performance. It also allows for 360-degree airflow around both the exhaust and intake valve stem.

Advanced Cooling

subaru-engines-ridgid-muffler An optimized-capacity rigid muffler and fewer moving valve train parts than overhead valve designs equate to noise levels that are a full two decibels below competitive models.

Quiet Operation
subaru-engines-chain-driven-overhead-cam The chain-driven overhead cam design offers superior power and performance with an automatic decompression system to reduce the required pulling force by 30-40 percent. Features 33 percent fewer moving valve train parts than overhead valve designs. First pull starts without any perceptible kickback. An all-season model takes on changing seasons, starting even when it’s -20 degrees Fahrenheit (-29 C). A straight intake port reduces resistance to the flow of the air/fuel mixture to improve power and efficiency and reduce emissions.
Overhead Cam Technology